Google Cloud Products

This is a summary of the list of products and services, provided by Google Cloud Provider (GCP). They will be categorized into different categories, depending on their use case.


Data Processing

  • DataFlow: Used for data processing. Placeholder.


  • Cloud Build: CI/CD, executes builds on Google Cloud. Can import source code and produce artifacts such as Docker Containers or Java Archives.

Machine Learning

  • Vertex AI (previously, Google AI Platform)
  • Recommendations AI: A fully managed recommendations service that enables organisations to easily deploy and automate recommendation systems, without the need for ML expertise. All the recommendation services are developed by Google. For example, to determine what product users could buy if they already bought X. Or, “frequently bought together” pairs. Google provides all these services through APIs. For more info, see


Notable ones. Bigquery, DataFlow, Pubsub.

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