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I am happy to share these with the world. All the images are captured and edited by me.

Bath, UK, 2022-06

Giza, Egypt, 2019-12

Alexandria, Egypt, 2019-12

The Cedars, Lebanon, 2019-12

Edinburgh, Scotland, 2019-07

Highlands, Scotland, 2019-07

Highlands, Martian Soil
Highlands, picturesque
Segmented colors
Natural colors

Hongkong, 2019-07

Chengdu, China, 2019-07

Coming soon: Panda pictures!

Dali, China, 2019-07

It was quite foggy and rainy when I captured these images. This did create some interesting scenes.

A natural?

Kunming, China, 2019-07

Flower market

The Neck

More to come!