GCP MLE Study Material

Here I am listing the material needed to be able to complete the MLE exam. Most of these include an understanding of Google Cloud Products and Services, and when to use them. Hence, I will do concepts and product breakdowns. I hope this will help you on your way!

NOTE, it is important understand the purpose of the existence of Google Products and Services, and what value they could bring to your organisation. Here is a key point to keep in mind for all the study material that follows:

Google wants you to be able to tell them for what purposes you want to use any of their product and service offerings

Keeping this in the back of your mind when you study, will be incredibly helpful! You will immediately think about when to use their offerings, as opposed to just knowing what they are and what they do. This is the kind of understanding that Google wants to extract from you, because in the end, they are selling access to them! Think of it from their perspective.

Starting out


Material (?)

  1. GCP Service Models: https://www.ansol.se/2022/09/25/gcp-service-models
  2. GCP Database Offerings:
  3. GCP ML Products
  4. Optimization

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